About Us


Hi there,

I’m Lotte, the original founder of the TPH.

I was raised in Brighton and moved to Haywards Heath in 2016 ahead of the birth of my son, Winston, the following year.

I am an English teacher in a nearby prep school, and in turn, an avid reader. When Winston was six months old, I hosted an event for parents alongside the app Mush, which was a great success. It was this that sparked the beginning of The Parent Hood.

Winston was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes shortly before his second birthday, so my need to search for like-minded and knowledgeable parents in the same boat increased! It has been a testing and emotional learning curve, but having my band of mum-friends at my side has been priceless.

I truly believe that having baby friends is the only ‘must-have’ when it comes to parenting, forget Ewan the Dream sheep!

My daughter, Sunday, was born at – unassisted and at home – three years later, smack bang in the middle of the pandemic – which fuelled my passion and advocacy for hypnobirthing and home-births, and frankly made me consider becoming a doula!

The pandemic forced The Parent Hood’s doors shut, but we are ready – now more than ever – to bring together Haywards Heath’s ever-growing community of parents.




Hi there,

I’m Jess, I joined Lotte & Pie on this amazing journey back in 2018. I’m a Mum of two beautiful boys and I’m a devoted Vegan.


Hi there,

I’m Pie, I teamed up with Lotte to bring you the Parent Hood Gang after we started our parenting journey together in NCT. We understood how important it was to have a networking event for Parents. We were incredibly lucky to have had each other but we know how isolating this journey can be.

Our Mission

Here at the TPH we strongly believe that creating a strong a safe environment for parents to network is key.

Parenting can be an incredibly isolating expereince and especially after Covid, being locked away it’s important now more than ever to start creating new friendships and support networks.

That’s why we are so proud of what we do, helping connect people together and watching beautiful new relationships bloom.

Our Events

Our events are held locally, for local parents to come and network and meet like-minded individuals and form new relationships.

Meet Local Parents

Come and meet like-minded parents at our next event!

Great for Children

Babies and young children can come together to explore and play at our events.

Support Network

We pride ourselves on being a support Network for new and existing parents.

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