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Supporting you on your parenting Journey 

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We know that being a parent can bring difficult circumstances and emotions. And with that comes mental health challenges.

This is something so very close to our hearts and we feel obligated to offer our parenting community the knowledge of services that we have required.

You can always be open and direct with us, we’re here to provide support for those who need it. However, if you wish to be discreet please take what you need from this page.

The Parent Hood is here for each and every parent and we treat this as a safe and confidential place to honor what each parent is going through.

Services 1

Time to Talk

Sussex counselling services for severe anxiety and depression.

Services 2


24/7 anonymous phone call services.

Services 3

National Domestic Abuse

National Domestic Abuse Hotline 

Here for you

We know joining a new community can be a terribly daunting and overwhelming experience.

 We are here to help you feel welcome, included, and an integral part of what we have created. 

However, if you’re still feeling shy or nervous about attending an event please reach out to us. We are here for you!

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